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5 Spa Treatments Perfect For Spring

5 Spa Treatments Perfect For Spring

With warmer weather finally approaching, now is the time to start prepping for beach season. What better way to do so than with spa and self-care treatments to rehydrate dull winter skin and add a warm, springtime glow?

There are so many blissful, aromatic seasonal scents and products to choose from and many spas are offering signature spring spa treatments that are particularly helpful at rejuvenating the skin and boosting youthful, refreshed cells, preparing them for their swimsuit debut. Here are 5 spa treatments that are perfect this season—you’ll leave feeling renewed, confident, and exceptionally relaxed. 

Microgreen Treatments

Whether you’re getting a facial or body scrub, using microgreens in spa treatments during the springtime can elevate the experience and lead to soft, moistened skin. Microgreens are great for getting rid of toxins and replenishing dead cells in favor of strong, rejuvenated ones. Stone crop can also take away the impurities and leave skin fresh and glowing. Now, you can lie out with revitalized, softened skin! Don’t forget to apply your sunscreen! 

Detox Manicure & Pedicure

What goes great with pampered skin and a cute bikini? A bold, eye-catching nail color that fits your personality and reads “fun.” Before adding a coat, it’s best to make sure those dry, brittle nails from the winter are buffed and polished, trimmed to perfection, and callus free. Moistening skin with lotion and oils after will help strengthen the nails and repair any damaged areas.

Apricot Oil Treatments

Apricot oil is a total spring skin-saver. Because its lipid content is similar to your skin’s, it is the perfect healer for dry and irritated skin cells. When applied during treatment, the oil will seep into the skin (for instance, in a massage), and soften rough patches. Plus, using apricot oil in a massage can help mitigate wrinkles and the effects of aging—a double win. You can also blend it with other oils for a scent (it’s odorless on its own), such as lavender, chamomile, or rose.

Salt & Sugar Scrubs

A great exfoliator, scrubs for massage treatment can get rid of dry, rough skin and leave you with moistened and fresh skin. Ask your therapist which scrubs are best for you. For instance, salt scrubs are great for oily skin, while sugar scrubs are better suited for those with normal or dry skin. Sugar might be better for sensitive skin types, too. After the scrub, most massages and facial treatments offer a lotion application with ingredients such as shea butter or almond oil, to smooth the skin and add hydration. What’s more, you’ll leave the appointment smelling delicious and feeling restored.

Hot Stone Massages

After spending most of these past winter months indoors, sitting, and stiff, a hot stone massage can help release the tension, add some movement and warmth back into the body and its joints, and restore a sense of balance and energy (that has probably been hiding for the past few months). Let the heat penetrate your muscles and leave you feeling relaxed, renewed, and realigned.

Interested in booking a spa treatment this spring? Contact us for a tranquil experience today.

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