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Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Massage | Spa@theWit

Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Massage

There’s nothing as relaxing and beneficial for your body as getting a massage; however, there are certainly ways to maximize those perks. Your lifestyle habits and actions prior to and following a treatment actually contribute to how your body receives the release.

So, you’ll want to make sure you’re taking the right steps to guarantee a blissful and effective spa experience with long-lasting benefits. Here are the best ways to make the most of your time during your massage and really get your money’s worth.

Drink Water Before & After Your Massage

Tension is best released when you’re working with looser, more flexible muscles, and when muscles are dehydrated, they can be stiff. Working on tight muscles might feel more painful—which is a feeling you definitely want to avoid during your session!

It’s a good idea to drink enough water before your massage to keep your body fluid and then to drink a few glasses post-massage to re-hydrate the body, flush out toxins that were released from the work that was done, and to decrease any swelling, which may occur from the release.

Don’t Drink Alcohol Before Your Massage

While you should be drinking good ol’ H20, you’ll want to skip the booze—at least until after your massage. Alcohol is dehydrating, so it’ll tighten muscles and make it harder to break up tension in the body.

The same goes for drinking during your massage—a few pops of bubbly will not only put your body at a disadvantage for complete effectiveness but it’ll also make you more lightheaded, which can be tough if you’re using other spa features, such as sauna and steam room. 

Don’t Workout for 24 Hours Following the Service

After your massage you’re probably feeling well-rested and less tense, but the real progress happens in the few hours following, and your muscles need time to repair the damage from the surface of toxins and subsequent inflammation.

If you go hit a HIIT class or hop on the treadmill, you’re going to lower the effectiveness of the massage, as you’re stressing out your muscles all over again without giving them adequate time to heal.

Instead, light stretching might be beneficial, as it keeps your limbs flexible and loose, and it’ll improve circulation throughout the body and lower inflammation.

Speak Up About Pressure

People differ—a light, Swedish massage might suit one person, while another might want a firmer pressure that’s found in a deep tissue massage. The massage therapist will not know your preferences unless you explain, so be sure to tell them before hopping on the bed which type of pressure you prefer.

You should also speak up during the massage to adjust as needed. If it feels too light, tell them. If it hurts—which is not a good sign, as there is a difference between hard pressure and pain—tell them to scale back. You don’t want to risk an injury, which will defeat the purpose of the massage and even backfire.

This massage is all about you, so let yourself be in charge of how you’d like to enjoy it!

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