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Mistakes You’re Making with Your Self-Care Routine | Spa@theWit

3 Mistakes You’re Making with Your Self-Care Routine

Life can be stressful, so it’s helpful to have a self-care routine in place to calm your nerves and ease tension. Not only is a self-care habit good for your skin, as it can smooth rough patches and keep skin supple, but also it’s a great way to improve your mind-body connection and feel confident, happy, and less stressed, overall.

However, there are a few common mistakes you could be making with your self-care ritual. If done wrong, you might not reap the benefits you deserve, and you could even put your health and skin at risk. Here’s what to avoid when giving yourself a little pampering and love, as well as some tips on how to find a self-care routine that fits your lifestyle.

Exfoliating Too Often

Exfoliating is great for removing dead skin cells and freshening skin; however, if you exfoliate every day, you could damage your skin and cause irritation. The chemicals in exfoliators are strong—in a good way—but that means you need to be careful with exposure. You also want to be vigilant if the product contains salicylic acid—a terrific ingredient for clearing pores and blackheads, but which can be drying on sensitive skin types. You’ll want to stick to once or twice weekly.

A weekly scrub is a great idea (although always speak to your dermatologist if you have questions about your particular skin type), or you can try a spa treatment, such as the Fruit Pulp and Spice Purifying Facial, to nix tired skin and boost cell renewal.

Forgetting Your Feet

You might be all about hitting yoga, taking care of your skin, and getting massages to fight knots and soreness, but just think of all the wonderful things your feet can do for you each day. Those babies get tired! It’s a huge mistake to forego tending to feet, with a fresh shade of polish, a rubdown, and a soothing bath to soften rough skin.

A solution? A pedicure. Not only is a pedicure relaxing—especially if you get a professional one with buffing, polishing, and a restorative foot massage—but also it’s a way to keep your feet clean and safe, so they can help you get through life, each step at a time. Try the spring special: the Wit Energizing Detox Pedicure.

Rushing It

Lathering body lotion after a shower in under two minutes? Hastily wiping off makeup with wipes before hopping into bed—rubbing those eyelashes hard to get the mascara off? Well, all that tugging on your lashes could pull them out or lead to an infection! And, not taking the time to lotion will leave spots untouched. Yet, the most important aspect? You’re missing out on the fun.

The time set aside for self-care should be enjoyable—it should feel like a treat—a moment to let restoration take over and heal you from the inside-and-out. So, don’t let the mistake of rushing through a routine ruin the moment. Give yourself a few minutes to get in tune with your body and provide the care and love it needs.

You can also book a spa treatment—a long 50-minute massage or facial—or even a full day of pampering to really treat yourself. Remember, you deserve it.

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