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The Best Self-Care Habits for Spring | Spa@theWit

The Best Self-Care Habits for Spring

As the temperature gets warmer and the flowers start to blossom, we know it means that spring is coming—and we couldn’t be happier. Beyond the perk of more sunshine and warmth, our skin also gets a boost, as it is not as dry and flaky as it had been during the colder months.

However, even though this is a good thing, it still requires a change in your skin-care regimen. As with any seasonal transition, there needs to be an alteration for the skin to adapt to its different climate. Here are the best self-care habits you should practice in spring, so your skin is glowing, fresh, dewy, and radiant each day.

Exfoliate Dead Skin

Get rid of those dead skin cells left over from winter by exfoliating regularly with a facial scrub and booking a spa treatment that can rejuvenate dry, rough patches on the body and face. Try the Luminosity body scrub or the Awaken Your Radiance Facial, featuring a Mangosteen Lactic Acid Pro Peel, as this will gently exfoliate the skin and leave it glowing. Plus, it works for all skin types.

You can probably exfoliate once or twice a week to keep skin soft, but if you have sensitive skin, you might want to check with a dermatologist first, who can better advise as to the number of times per week or two to do so. You don’t want to experience any redness or irritation.

Switch to Lotion Instead of Cream

In the wintertime, you might need heavier bases, such as creams and thick moisturizers, which can provide extra hydration and support for dry skin. The climate can be pretty brutal, so you’ll need that strong protection. However, in the springtime, you’ll want to lighten up those products, as heavy bases and creams can actually lead to acne, and can be overwhelming for the face and skin.

Get Rid of Stress

Sure, you might want to keep stress at bay year round, but it’s definitely still important as a springtime self-care habit. When you are anxious or tense, it shows on your body—the skin gets red and scratchy, you might notice flare-ups in acne, and you can lose natural moisture from the skin. Plus, effects of aging might be more visible, as stress can speed the rate of aging on the skin and in the body.

Make a point to find ways to relax, whether it be through reading a good book, drinking restorative tea, or indulging in massage and skin-care treatments. A great option might be the Therapeutic massage.

Load Up on Antioxidants

Antioxidants can fight free radical damage, which can negatively affect the skin and speed up the process of aging. Antioxidants are found naturally in foods, such as berries, dark chocolate, grapes, green tea, coffee, and many fruits and vegetables, so including those ingredients both in the diet and in your skincare regimen can protect skin and reduce inflammation.

A few treatments for spring that use antioxidants include Awaken Your Radiance Facial and Spring Awakening Massage + Body Treatment.

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