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Best Nail Polishes to Wear When the Sun Comes Out | Spa@theWit

5 Best Nail Polishes to Wear When the Sun Comes Out

When the sun is shining, you’re probably thinking: beach, Instagram, and your favorite springtime outfits. Yet, with all of those things, you’ll need a fresh manicure and pedicure to color coordinate, accessorize, and take flawless photos. (A dull mani doesn’t look great when you’re snapping a photo of your chocolate mint ice cream cone!)

Here are the top nail polish colors to choose from in the spring and summer, when the weather is hot and you need lighter, brighter hues to match the season’s vibes.

Orange Sorbet

Orange gives a pop of color, and it can go well with just about everything, as it stands out on its own. This color has a tart finish, making it a red-ish orange that can really shine against tan skin. Be sure to pair with your favorite set of flip-flops!

Frozen Lemonade

If you’re looking for something a bit more low-key, this pale, creamier hue is right up your alley. It’s not dull, but it’s more subdued, so it helps you look sleek and professional, if you’re worried about your office dress code.

In The Library

When the sun comes out, it’s all about having some fun! That means, play up your nails with a metallic, shimmery polish that has a punch of color. This darker purple is majestic and bold, and the glittery overlay brings a bit of mysticism, as well.


Brighten your nails with the ultimate polish in boosting one’s mood: yellow. This hue represents the sun, making you feel warm and carefree, and it’s a fun pop of color if you’re known to wear more neutrals, like tans, whites, and blacks.

Wink Wink

Pink is really elegant and blends well with your natural color of your fingertips, but this shade adds a bit of pizazz with a shimmery, champagne finish. It’s the perfect color for feeling flirty and silly in the sun, without making too bold of a statement.

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