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5 Ways To Have A Great Spa Day For A Bridal Party

Now that May has arrived, it’s officially the start of wedding season, and no wedding would be complete without a bridal shower to celebrate the occasion. There’s no better time to unwind with your gals, take a sip of champagne, and the let the stress of wedding planning simply fade away. Here are 5 great ideas for throwing a bridal party at a Spa, the primary destination for relaxation, rejuvenation, and rejoicing.

Book A Body Treatment

Perhaps the ultimate, girl-bonding activity, a spa day will help the bride and her ladies de-stress and feel pampered before leading up to the big day. Let’s be real—wedding planning is tough work, so that deep tissue massage might be just the trick for getting out those kinks. See if your chosen venue offers special packages for bridal parties to really take the event to the next level.

Pop Some Bubbly

Happy occasions call for a toast! For the bride who likes to imbibe, a few glasses of champagne or wine can help ease any tension and make the spa treatments even more enjoyable. Plus, you can even create a signature drink—see if you can throw some fresh fruit into your glass for a bit of added flavor.

Create A Signature “Bridal Party” Look

You see matching bridal gear all the time—tank tops, wine glasses, and more—so why not match nail colors? Maybe you can spell “BRIDE” on the bride’s hands and feet, and “MAIDS” on the team’s. Creating a signature look can add a little extra pizazz to the day and honor the bride in a new, special light. What’s more, you can even come dressed in customized, matching robes and slippers (pink and fluffy, of course).

Indulge In The Oils

Many spas will offer special, seasonal, and incredibly relaxing aromatherapy add-ons, such as different aromatherapy oils for massages and facials, as well as for buffering cuticles moisturizing the skin. Some great choices include apricot kernel oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, and Shea butter, among others. Plus, many spas sell the oils, lotions, and facial masks on-site, so don’t be surprised if you end up taking one home with you!

Inform Your Therapist Of Any Sensitive Areas

Booking a spa treatment can instantly revitalize the senses. Your massage therapist or facialist is expertly trained; however, all bodies differ, and if you happen to have an injury, a health complication, an allergy, a rash, or sensitive skin, it’s imperative that you inform the staff prior to your treatment.

Without knowledge, a treatment can backfire—leading to even more stress come the wedding day. To protect yourself and really reap the spa benefits (and there are many!), keep your therapist in the know, so he or she can give you the relaxing, safe, and pleasurable treatment that you definitely deserve.

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