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4 Spa Treatments Perfect For Fall

4 Spa Treatments Perfect For Fall

Now that summer has come and gone, and temperatures start dropping, our skin can undergo some major changes. As with any weather acclimation, it can create a bodily imbalance, one that can be fixed with a little rest and repair.

And, the perfect way to bring back skin’s moisture and glow? Book an appointment at a spa for some pampering and self-love. Here are 4 spa treatments worth the price tag that are especially beneficial during fall, all boasting seasonal ingredients and spices to heal the skin and pleasure the senses.

A Facial With Spices

As the air becomes chillier, skin might start to get drier. Without summer heat and humidity, your face might acquire rough patches and poor circulation. So, getting a facial can add warmth and glow, to rejuvenate dead skin cells. What’s more, using paprika, essential for fall, helps promote better blood flow and circulation through the skin.

A Body Wrap

It’s not just the face that needs some moisture. Your body could use some love and repair, especially after tanning on the beach all summer. When exposed to sun’s rays, the skin is more prone to aging and fine lines, so getting a body wrap can bring back that freshness and soft texture. And, for fall, it’s a great idea to use pumpkin spice and cinnamon, two seasonal ingredients that provide antioxidants and fight cellulite.

A Manicure

Sure, your nails could always use some color and buffing, but especially after spending hours digging your hands in the sand. During the summertime, nails can become dry and brittle, and if you’re a big swimmer, chlorine can really impact your nail beds and nail strength. So, find the perfect nail polish color for you, and sit back and relax. Plus, you can get a hand massage to go with.

Stone Massage

Now that the summer heat is disappearing, you might be in withdrawal. A solution? Book a hot stone massage, where the warmth can circulate through your skin and enhance blood flow. The heat from the Basalt stones will relieve tension and provide deep relaxation. And, you’ll leave feeling cozy and snug, despite the cooler temperatures and breeze outside.

Interested in booking a spa treatment? Contact us for a tranquil experience today.

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