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3 Essential Changes to your Fall Skincare Regimen | Spa@theWit

3 Essential Changes to your Fall Skincare Regimen

Now that it’s fall, the leaves are changing, the temperatures are dropping, and unfortunately, your skin is becoming drier. Just think of how it looks in winter!

Yet—the good news? By changing your fall skincare regimen, you can bring back a youthful, summery glow, for more hydrated and fresher skin.

So, for instance, your products might need to change. During summer heat and humidity, the skin calls for different elements, but with fall, you might need to amp up the intensity on specific oils or chemicals to better your skin health. And, with seasonal ingredients popping up on fall skincare products, it’s worth looking into.

Here are 3 changes you should be making to your skincare routine this fall. 

Swap Your Cleanser

During warmer temperatures, you might have needed a cleanser to fight oils and sweat, but during the fall, you might need to adapt to the drier, chillier climate and find a cleanser that can increase moisture and humidity, instead.

A great cleanser? Coconut milk cleanser, as coconuts also contain healthy fats that can add hydration to the skin and fight inflammation and redness. Plus, coconut milk is very soothing, so it’ll be safe for more sensitive skin. You’ll find coconut milk cleanser as a product in our fall facials.

Use A Humidifier

Using a humidifier in the fall season can help increase moisture in the bedroom and prevent you from getting sick (which can often happen due to weather changes). It’ll help clear the lungs and banish any mucus if you do get a case of a common cold, too. And, what’s more, you can add a delicious scent to ease tension and make the room smell delicious. Try adding an essential oil to the cool mist humidifier, like Green Envee line of essential oils, which we use in our aromatherapy and Wit Signature massage.

Get A Heavier Moisturizer

As the air is crisper, you’ll need to increase the extremity of your moisturizer, so switching to different toners, serums, facial moisturizers, and body lotions can help mitigate flaky patches and rough skin. Why this is important? It’ll bring back more hydration to the skin, so it can be more supple and dewy. And, you can add apricot oil to your moisturizer to boost hydration.

A few options—the Stone Crop serum and toner mist will give you that glowy skin you’re looking for. And, the firm acai moisturizer will supply antioxidants to fight free radical damage in the skin. You can find hydrating lotion in our body and massage treatments.

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