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5 Ways To Show Gratitude To Yourself With Self-Care | Spa@theWit

5 Ways To Show Gratitude To Yourself With Self-Care

You work hard all year long—and especially when the holidays spring up and you’re dealing with hectic schedules and last-minute holiday shopping. So, it’s natural to feel tension in those neck and back muscles and to feel pretty fatigued come the end of the day.

A solution? Give yourself some love with a day of pampering, where you give your body the rest and repair it truly deserves. (Plus, here are a few spa treatments to get in fall.) And, when it comes down to it, you need to consider how much work you put it in each day—through career, relationships, exercise, and other stresses—to understand it’s time to give yourself a break and feel totally relaxed and restored. Here are 5 ways to show appreciation through self-care.

Back Massage

Think about how many hours you spend sitting at a desk, or the weight of heavy bags from holiday shopping on your back and shoulders. All those minutes add up, leading to back pain and strained muscles. A fix? Get a back massage to loosen those knots and make you feel more relaxed. And, just in time for fall, try adding cinnamon oil to a massage, as it’ll improve your circulation and provide warming, therapeutic effects.

Get On Board The Pumpkin Spice Train

Starbucks trip not included, here. Instead, embrace fall’s pumpkin spice flavor through the art of self-care and exfoliation. Turns out, pumpkin puree is packed with antioxidants to fight free radical damage and vitamins to smooth and hydrate the skin. And, when mixed with different spices, like cinnamon and nutmeg, it makes you feel all cozy amidst the cold, holiday air. Try it as a facial, which will make your skin dewy and clear, perfect for holiday party photo-ops!

Pedicure & Manicure

Those nails might be dry and brittle from cold temperatures, so they’ll need some buffing and polishing to look fresh and new. Besides getting a new coat and pop of color (try DAZZLE DRY, our favorite), you’re also clearing away dead skin and fixing those nail beds so your nails actually look and feel healthy, too, underneath the hue. A tip? Try using pomegranate or cranberry extract for extra antioxidant power, as they are both timely for fall and winter. 

A Detox Wrap

If you’re an avid HIIT trainer or traveler during the holidays, a detox wrap is just what you need to feel refreshed—and sane—during the busy season. What’s a detox wrap? Basically it uses fresh botanicals and black tea leaves to stimulate the circulatory system and rehydrate the body, building new, healthy skin cells. These wraps often allow for a few different options, so feel free to inquire at the spa.

Make Up Application

Whether you’re hoping to make a stunning appearance at a holiday gala, or you’re simply short on time (due to a million other holiday things you’re worrying about), it’s nice to really feel pampered with a makeup application and perhaps a blowout. Of course, you can do your own hair and makeup, as opposed to a facial or massage, but the easiest way to show yourself gratitude is to make the simple tasks even simpler. And, you’ll walk away knowing you look absolutely beautiful, thanks to the pros. (A tip? Try a full set of lash extensions to make those eyes pop.)

Interested in booking a spa treatment? Contact us for a tranquil experience today.

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